Burglar Breaks Into US Home, Cleans it and Leaves Origami Roses Made From Toilet Paper in Bathroom! (See Picture)

Team Latestly
The beds were made, the toilets scrubbed, the rugs vacuumed, not leaving a speck of dirt behind.

Nate Roman from Massachusetts in Marlborough was shocked to see his house clean on returning home from work last week. He panicked on realising that a burglar had entered his home. Nate went around the house to see what was stolen, however, found everything in place. The 44-year-old was surprised that someone had cleaned his entire house. The beds were made, the toilets scrubbed, the rugs vacuumed, not leaving a speck of dirt behind. In fact, there were origami flowers made from toilet paper in the bathroom! As the story of the housekeeping robber went viral, people took to social media expressing their amusement. People took to Twitter saying that they couldn't believe that a burglar actually left eerie roses made of toilet paper in the house. 7 Robbery Attempts Gone Wrong That Gives Thieves Everywhere a Bad Name (Watch Videos)

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Even his five-year-old son's stuffed toys were in place. Although things were in place, Nate informed the police about a suspected intruder. He described the experience as "weird and creepy". Reacting to the incident, Sgt. Daniel Campbell said that the department hasn't heard of similar incidents in the past and that there are no suspects. Irked Over Gift For Foiling Robbery, Man Robs Steals Rs 70 Lakh of Employer in Delhi.

Eerie roses made of toilet paper:

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Meanwhile, Nate says he may have left his back door unlocked. He thinks that perhaps a housekeeping service would have entered his home by mistake. And now as a precautionary measure, he has changed all locks of his house and ensures he fastens all doors before leaving the house.