Burari Mass Suicide: Kin Takes Possession of 'Haunted House', Spends Three Night

Team Latestly
After the three months to the Burari Mass Suicide, the court has granted the custody of the house to the kin of the deceased.

New Delhi, October 19: Burari case which had shocked the entire nation when the family of 11 committed 'mass suicide' as a part of a superstitious activity which went wrong. The house is deemed to be haunted by locals staying there. However, after the three months, the court has granted custody of the house to the kin of the deceased.

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The custody of the house was given to late Narayan Devi's eldest son Dinesh Singh Chundawat who used to live in Rajasthan but recently moved to the home in Burari with his wife, sister, and female helper on Sunday. Dinesh while speaking to Hindustan Times told that he had spent three nights in the house and dispelled the rumours of the house being haunted.

“Disturbing rumours that we were thinking to turn the house into a temple because nobody wanted to buy the property were being spread. We desperately wanted to put a rest to such type of reports and for that, it was necessary for us to enter and live in the house without performing a havan,” said Dinesh while speaking to Hindustan Times. He further added that they haven't faced any fear or trouble in the house and instead they felt 'immense Peace'.

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