Burari deaths: One family member tried stopping "ritual" while hanging

Gogona Saikia

Burari deaths: One family member tried stopping "ritual" while hanging
Burari deaths: One family member tried stopping "ritual" while hanging

09 Jul 2018: Burari deaths: One family member tried stopping "ritual" while hanging

A week after the mysterious Burari deaths, police have revealed that at least one of the 11 people tried saving himself and raising an alarm while he was hanging.

The state Bhavnesh Bhatia was found in- one hand in the air near his neck, loosely tied hands, tape on mouth partially removed, and legs almost touching the floor- suggest he tried to free himself.

Fact: Failed attempts to save himself cost him his life

However, "forensic experts believe that the noose around his neck tightened as he struggled to stand on his feet to avoid death by hanging," an officer said. "Even the initial autopsy report says that Bhavnesh died of partial hanging."

Deaths: 11 family members found dead, some blindfolded, some gagged

Bhavnesh was found hanging inside his Delhi residence on July 1, along with his mother Narayan Devi, wife Savita, brother Lalit and his wife Tina, sister Pratibha, and five nephews and nieces - Priyanka, Neetu, Monu, Dhruv and Shivam.

All but Narayan were found hanging. They were blindfolded, gagged and had their hands tied.

Police suspect Narayan was hanged from a doorknob.

"Rituals": Son was "possessed" by father since 10 years

Police have more or less concluded that Lalit, who believed he was possessed by his father, had convinced the others to conduct the "ritual."

A prime clue is his diaries detailing rituals, "instructions from father" and more.

The family reportedly didn't expect to die: they believed the dead father would save them. But apparently Bhavnesh had a change of heart at the last moment.

Techniques: Science-plus-superstition: Police consult doctors, psychologists, forensic and occult experts

Last week, police carried out "draft mapping"- an extensive review of the physical state of the crime scene.

This included recording measurements of the walls and balconies, height of the victims, entry points, and where the phones were kept, among others.

They are likely to go for psychological autopsy, in which the victim's psychological state before death is estimated based on interviews with acquaintances.

Family: Family allege "missing links" in police investigation, demand murder probe

However, relatives insist this wasn't suicide. Saturday, they sought a fresh probe into the "murder."

They alleged several missing links in the probe: they claimed Narayan had been strangulated with a belt, and another woman had cut marks on her neck which were made before she was hanged.

These facts clearly hint towards the presence of an outsider, they concluded.

Status: Final post-mortem reports expected today

So far, investigators have questioned more than 130 people, including relatives, neighbors, friends and business associates.

They have zeroed in on Lalit and his wife Tina as the 'masterminds.'

A female occult practitioner, Maa Geeta, has been detained after she reportedly confessed to having a hand in the deaths.

The final post-mortem reports are expected today. Police are hopeful it will throw more light