Bunny and dog make the most adorable and unexpected best friends

Dani Golub
Video Producer, Yahoo Lifestyle

Lola and Pepper are unlikely but adorable best friends. Although Pepper is a bunny, she is basically a dog at heart, and she loves her dog sister more than anything else. They like to do everything together, and it’s been that way since their owner, Courtney Donaker, rescued them.

We first noticed how close they were when Lola would be lying down taking a nap, and Pepper would always go to snuggle with her. She seemed to always want to be close to her. In Pepper’s eyes, Lola could do no wrong. In Lola’s eyes, Pepper was like a bunny mommy. Lola followed Pepper around and napped when she napped and ate when she ate,” Donaker told us. 

Sounds like it was love at first sight. That love has only grown. They play together, go to the park together, eat together, sleep together, and even make messes together sometimes. But it’s hard to stay mad at them.

It’s not always just playing and cuddling, though. Pepper has been there for Lola during a tough time. 

One day, Lola got really sick. She was diagnosed with syringomyelia, an extremely painful disease in which a cyst grows close to the spinal cord. Lola was put on multiple pain medications for pain, but she continued to be uncomfortable. Pepper seemed to sense that Lola needed her and would hop up to her and rub her head on Lola’s face until Lola got up from lying down and started to lick her. 

Lola seemed better just by snuggling with Pepper. She started eating more, and the more Pepper rubbed her head on Lola, the better she got, and we stopped giving her the Amantadine. Lola still has bad days, but it’s like a little dose of magic Pepper makes it better every time,” Donaker said.

It’s almost as if the two animals were destined to be best friends. Their owner even thinks they can communicate with each other. 

I am 100 percent sure that they can communicate. If one of the two wants to leave a room and the other doesn’t follow right away, they will come back and signal as if to say, ‘Let’s go upstairs, or let’s go get a snack.’ If we ever have a thunderstorm, they check on each other to say ‘Are you OK?’ They truly love each other so much, and they both know it. I take both of them to the park, and they stick together. It amazes me sometimes,” Donaker said.

These two love spending all their time together, and we love watching it. To see more of Lola and Pepper, check them out on Instagram @lolathecavie.

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