Bundesliga's return a good news for world of football: Dani Carvajal

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Madrid [Spain], May 15 (ANI): Real Madrid's Dani Carvajal feels that the resumption of Bundesliga is good news for the world of football and hopes that the league set an example for other countries. "It's good news for sport and the world of football. We're all excited to see how things are at the beginning. I hope everything goes well and it can set the example for the rest of the countries to follow," the club's official website quoted Carvajal as saying. The coronavirus pandemic had brought all football leagues to a standstill. However, the German Football Association (DFL) announced that Bundesliga will return to action from May 16. La Liga has been suspended since March but the players have returned to training. Real Madrid players returned to training under 'strict health rules' on Monday. Reflecting on the resumption of training, Carvajal said: "It's not been an easy situation. Coming back is great news for everyone, especially being able to see your teammates' faces, the coaching staff and club employees, it's a positive sign." Also, the defender said training at home is completely different from training on the ground. "We struggled to really control the ball on the first day back. In the end, you never train the same at home as you do out on the pitch but we'll keep getting better. We have to follow the protocol set out by LaLiga, be careful and respect the rules, and generally try to get back up to speed both with and without the ball," he said. (ANI)