Bull fury in Bihar town over honking Hajipur (Bihar), Nov 7 (PTI) Incessant honking is onepeeve moto

Bull fury in Bihar town over honking Hajipur (Bihar), Nov 7 (PTI) Incessant honking is onepeeve motorists in India have learned to live with but makesthis beast a raging bull in a china shop.

A bull in Bihar's Hajipur town has taken national andinternational media by storm with its fierce response tohonking as furiously overturns cars and topples two-wheelers.

A two-day-old video footage of it lifting a car by thehorns has gone viral and was flashed on a platform no lessthan the Fox News and some national and regional televisionchannels, prompting the Vaishali district administration tosit up and take notice of the bovine menace.

Its apparent monstrosity notwithstanding, the ragingbull seems to have drawn some inspiration in its own way fromthe non-violence preached by the Buddha and Mahavira, both ofwhom had deep links with Vaishali.

Surprisingly, locals say, the beast has so farattacked only inanimate objects and never a living being,including humans. No amount of beating the ground with sticksand hurling stones scares it away, but the animal cools downwhen sprinkled with water and retreats.

'The bull is known to quietly roam around until itgets irritated by honking. Sometimes it flies into a ragebecause of constant troubling by local youths who try to feedit with hemp and enjoy the madness on display thereafter,' aHajipur resident said.

District Magistrate Udita Singh told journalists eagerto now what steps were being taken to keep people out of theharm's way that orders were issued to the forest department onTuesday to cow it into submission.

'We have taken serious note of the menace. Damage toproperty cannot be allowed and there is a risk of people alsogetting hit as mostly the bull has been said to run amok oncrowded streets adjacent to the railway station,' she said.

The forest department, however, is reluctant to takethe bull by the horns.

'We don't understand why the district administrationexpects us to get involved since the bull is not, strictlyspeaking, a wild animal. Bulls are left to roam freely on thestreets after they serve their purpose of mating with cows,'said district forest officer Bharat Bhushan Pal.

Pal said even if the bull is caught it will have to bedispatched to some other inhabited area where fresh troublemay arise.

The forest official said it would be better if theanimal husbandry department takes care of the untamed beast asbulls are always in demand for keeping the bovine populationticking.

Until then anybody who messes with this bull will getthe horns. PTI CORR NAC SKSK SK