Bugatti has no plans for Chiron convertible

Venkat Desirazu

Bugatti has announced that it will not make a convertible version of the Chiron hypercar. This development was confirmed by Bugatti board member Stefan Brungs who said that the car would only be built as a coupe.

The automaker had ended its 10 year chapter on the legendary Veyron and launched this flagship model last year. It uses the same 8.0-litre W16 motivation formula as the Veyron but now tuned to produce 1500bhp as compared to the Veyron Grand Sport (its most powerful iteration) whose engine produced 1360bhp.

The move comes as a surprise due to the fact that Bugatti managed to move more convertible Veyrons than the hardtops as the car began to reach the end of its life cycle. There is also the fact that a Bugatti is a perfect representation of ‘I have too much money, so build me a car with no limitations’. 

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