BTS' J-Hope Turns 26 Today! Army Floods Twitter With Birthday Wishes For The K-Pop Star

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It is K-Pop King, BTS' J-Hope's birthday and Fans cannot keep calm. As J-Hope turns 26, Twitteratti has flooded the micro-blogging site with birthday wishes, quotes, greetings and all kind of love and support. If you are not living under a rock you will know that since 12 am, Twitter has been hijacked by the BTS Army and some of the highest trending hashtags worldwide include #SunshineHobiDay, #MY_HOPE_JHOPE, #OurPieceOfPeace, #HAPPYJHOPEDAY, #Hoseok, #HBDJHope and #J-Hope. J-Hope, also known as, Jung Hoseok was born on February 18, 1994, and since midnight his fans are going gaga on various social media platforms.

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BTS’s official Twitter shared a poster in honour of the special day, while J-Hope held a V Live broadcast to count down to his birthday with fans. J-Hope released his first solo mixtape, Hope World, worldwide on March 1, 2018. The album was met with a positive reception. His debut at number 63 (and subsequent peak at number 38) made him the highest-charting solo Korean artist on the Billboard 200 at the time of the mixtape's release.

We would love to take this opportunity to wish the K-pop star a very happy birthday! While BTS' Twitter army has left no stones unturned in terms of making the pop star feel special on this big day, many went out of their way to cut cakes and celebrate J-Hope's birthday in their home. Take a look at the best birthday wishes for J-Hope on Twitter:

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Happy Birthday J Hope

He Surely Is


There was a point at night when all the trending hashtags on Twitter was about J Hope. Some of the most popular hashtags in English were: #HappyBirthdayJhope, #Hobi, #OurRemedyJhope, #Jhopebirthday, #HopeAlwaysHere, #Jung Hoseok, #HappyHopeTime, #HAPPYJHOPEDAY, #ILOVEJHOPE, #하나뿐인_Jhope_하나뿐인_너 (You're the only one Jhope), #LightOfHopeDay. #WithJhopeOnTheSide, #JHOPE_IS_MY_EGO, #JHopeOurSunshine, and #HOSEOKDAY. You have to give it to the army for their ability to conquer Twitter in no time.