BSP chief Mayawati seeks financial assistance for victims of Aurangabad mishap

New Delhi [India], May 8 (ANI): Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati on Friday hit out at the Centre and state governments for the problems being faced by the migrant workers and asked for financial assistance for the families of the victims of Aurangabad train incident.

"The migrant workers are distressed. The way they are being treated by the Centre and State Governments is very wrong. Not even proper food and accommodation is being arranged for them," Mayawati told ANI.

Speaking on Aurangabad train mishap in which 16 migrant labourers were run over by a goods train today in Maharashtra, she said, "The Aurangabad incident is heart-wrenching, this is a result of the Central government's carelessness or not? I am deeply saddened about it. May their families get the strength to bear the pain."

"The Central and state governments should provide the families of these migrant labourers with financial assistance and jobs to one member each to the families of the labourers who died in the incident," she added.

"Where will these people go? They do not have shelter either. Can the government not see the blisters on their feet?" lamented Mayawati.

The mishap occurred early today in the Nanded Division of South Central Railway in Karmad police station area of the Aurangabad district. As per Railways officials, the migrant labourers hailed from Madhya Pradesh. (ANI)