BSF at India-Bangla border rush pregnant woman to hospital

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Sarathi Sardar with a BSF vehicle assigned to her. (Photo/ANI)
Sarathi Sardar with a BSF vehicle assigned to her. (Photo/ANI)

Nadia (West Bengal) [India], July 7 (ANI): Border Security Force (BSF), near the India-Bangladesh border, rushed a woman, who was writhing in labour pain, to a hospital in West Bengal.

The Company Commander at the Mahendra outpost received information that Sarathi Sardar, a woman from the Pepule Beria village, was about to deliver a child and that there was no man in her house at the time.

"The commander of the border outpost then sent a vehicle along with a nursing assistant and a female guard to the house of Sarathi Sardar. The pregnant woman was then taken, along with her mother to the Community Health Centre in Bagula, West Bengal," said B Madhusudan Rao, Commanding Officer of the 8th battalion of BSF.

He added that upon arrival at the hospital, the doctor immediately admitted her after preliminary examinations.

Mukti Sardar, the mother of the pregnant woman, expressed gratitude to the BSF jawans.

"Such actions result in the strengthening of the mutual relationship between the Border Security Force and the people of the area," said Madhusudan Rao. (ANI)

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