Brutally Honest Sign for Covidiots on US Food Truck is a Reminder Why You Should Wear a Mask

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Masks are the new normal in the post-coronavirus world. The best way to avoid the deadly infection is (still) by maintaining social distance and washing your hands. And if you do not enjoy the luxury to stay indoors to get your work done, your best bet is to listen to experts and cover your face with a mask all the time while venturing out as it reduces the chances of contracting the virus.

Despite the countless online campaigns, videos, explainers, conducted studies, "anti-maskers" and covidiots across the world have called the safety covering a "sign of slavery" or something that goes against their "basic" rights.

And those who wear one only to avoid being fined or access the public places, often wear it incorrectly.

Issuing a not-so-friendly warning to the regular offenders is a sign on food truck by 'Swine and Steel' in Seattle that has gone massively viral on the Internet including Reddit and Twitter.

"Masks go over mouth & nose," the sign reads before adding, "It's been a year, I could potty train a dog faster than this."

The sign also includes the apparent excuses the customers come up with to avoid wearing the protective covering.

The photo of the 'Swine and Steel' food truck first emerged on Reddit and was awarded "picture of the week" on the platform.

"I work at an elementary school. The biggest problem we have is simply a kid wearing a mask that is slightly too big and having to remind them to pull it back up every once in awhile. If a kindergartner can do it all day without complaining about it, so can you. Suck it up," wrote one user.

"My daughter is two and she along with all the other kids in her daycare wear them like CHAMPS all gd day. Why? Because the teachers told them their masks make them superheroes. It shocks me how many adults would rather be the villain," wrote another.

"My God the amount of idiots I see walking around with their dumb fu**ing nose sticking out. It's about as effective as wearing a Batman mask."

"even if they said masks are just as effective if you wear it under your nose i would still cover it all because i think it makes me look like a motherf**** dumbass."

Remember folks, wear a mask.