Brussels police arrest driver allegedly being radicalised

Indo Asian News Service

Brussels, March 3 (IANS) A driver, who was allegedly radicalised, was arrested by Belgian police while driving a vehicle containing gas cylinders, a local official said.

The demining service was called on site and a 200-meter perimeter was established around the suspicious vehicle that contained at least two gas cylinders, Xinhua news agency quoted Charles Picque, mayor of Saint-Gilles (Brussels) as saying.

Public broadcaster RTBF quoted Picque as saying that arrested driver was on a list of people suspected of being connected to radical organisations.

The police stopped the car because the driver had jumped several red lights.

According to the polce, when the driver refused to open the trunk, officers forced it open and found three canisters.

"The police then noticed several gas canisters in the boot and rather than take any risks, they called for help from the army bomb squad," a Daily Mail report said.

The entire area has been closed and traffic has also been stopped.