Brundle: Ferrari split could help Vettel "fly" in 2020

Jonathan Noble

With Vettel and Ferrrai having announced during the lockdown period that they were parting company at the end of 2020 after failing to agree a new deal, there had been some suggestions that it could leave the German on the backfoot and demotivated for the battle ahead.

However, Sky F1’s Brundle thinks the opposite will be true: and that Vettel will go all out for himself in a way that could help him thrive.

“I think Vettel will fly, to be honest,” said Brundle, speaking to selected media including “In the past, he has given very little attention to team orders with him and [Mark] Webber at Red Bull, and him and [Charles] Leclerc at Ferrari.

“He will have no interest in that, will he? He'll be driving for himself. There's no doubt about that. Whether he fancies staying in F1? I'm sure he probably does. Does he fancy a works Renault drive or something of that ilk? That remains to be seen.

“But I think he'll be mighty. I don't think he's lost any speed. I think he might have lost a little bit of judgement in close combat, but I think it's going to be fascinating. Quite clearly Ferrari will favour their man for the future, Leclerc, but then many would say they did last year anyway.”

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari SF1000

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari SF1000 Andrew Hone / Motorsport Images

Andrew Hone / Motorsport Images