Brought CAA to correct historical injustice, says PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the CAA cadets on Tuesday (Source: Twitter/PMO)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday said the BJP-led NDA government brought the Citizenship (Amendment) Act to correct "historical injustice". PM Modi also said the law — which grants citizenship to non-Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh — fulfils BJP's "old promise" given to the minorities of the three countries.

Speaking at a rally of the National Cadet Corps in Delhi, PM Modi attacked political opponents who opposed the recent decisions of the government. "Nehru-Liyaquat pact spoke about protecting minorities. We had promised them that India would help them in troubled times. Mahatma Gandhi also wished the same. The government has introduced CAA to fulfil a promise India made. The country has seen the real face of those giving communal colour to decisions of our government which is solving decades-old issues. The nation is watching. It's quiet, but it's understanding everything."

Widespread protests have erupted across the country against the contentious act, which the Parliament passed recently.

Questioning if the opposition leaders are motivated by "vote bank politics," PM Modi said, "There are few leaders who are acting to be the voice of Dalits. These are the same people who can't see atrocities against Dalits in Pakistan. Why are they not able to see this?" He also referred to an advertisement from the Pakistani Army that sought applications only from non-Muslims for sanitations jobs to talk about the harassment that minorities face in the country.

The opposition leaders, PM Modi added, are "spreading rumours that recent decisions taken by our government have affected my reputation in the entire world". "They must understand that I am not born to work for my reputation. I work for India's prestige. They have not been able to understand the changing India," he said

Referring to Jammu and Kashmir, the prime minister said the problems in the Valley persisted since Independence and some families and political parties kept issues in the region "alive", as a result of which terrorism thrived there. Stating that not only Jammu Kashmir is now peaceful, but the government has also managed to address the aspirations of the northeast region which were neglected for decades. He also called the Bodo agreement "historic."

Previous governments, he said, treated the problem as a law and order issue. "But even when out armies would ask for action, they would not go ahead," he said, slamming the "inaction" of previous governments at the Centre. Targeting Pakistan, the prime minister said the neighbouring country has lost three wars, but continues to wage proxy wars against India.

(With inputs from PTI)