Broken Toilets Force Delta Airlines Plane to Make Emergency Landing at Montana

Shruti Venkatesh
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When nature calls, you have to answer. It doesn’t matter whether you are on land, water or air! Consider what happened recently to a Delta Airlines Flight. The flight, which was flying from Kennedy Airport, had to make an “emergency” stop in Montana. Because, well, the passengers had to take a much-needed bathroom break. Reportedly, the flight had to take an unexpected halt at Montana after the in-flight bathrooms malfunctioned. But the passengers’ woes didn’t end there. 

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The flight, Boeing 757, was flying from Kennedy Airport to Seattle. It was more than halfway through the six-hour journey to Seattle when it had to make an emergency landing at Billings Logan International Airport in Montana. The reason being the malfunctioning bathrooms. News reports state that all the toilets were full, and the passengers had to go “really bad”. The Delta incident report was uncovered by the Billings Gazette. 

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Even after the emergency landing to attend “natures call”, the passengers could not relieve themselves immediately. Because of the unscheduled stop, no gates were available for the plane. The plane was then taken to the cargo area to unload passengers who needed to find a lavatory very urgently. The ground crew had to get a rolling stairway to the plane for passengers to alight and rush to the nearest restroom to relieve themselves of the “built-up pressures”, says the report filed by the Gazette. An article in Daily News states that the passengers were then allowed to get back onto the plane and continue their journey after the toilets were fixed and the plane was refuelled.