Brock Lesnar salary - Full details of WWE contracts signed by The Beast

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Bengaluru, September 30: Brock Lesnar is the biggest box office present in the world of sports entertainment and it's no wonder why WWE used to issue the highest paycheck during his entire tenure. The deal apparently ended at WrestleMania 36 and he's no more a WWE Superstar, as per the recent reports.
All Elite Wrestling has appeared to be the biggest rival to the WWE brand and there are talks that they could bid to rope in the Beast Incarnate under their banner. WWE is well aware of the fact and they tried to bring him back on TV in time for SummerSlam 2020 but a deal seems far-fetched.
The latest reports from The Dirty Sheets states that the two parties may reach a deal around WrestleMania 37, but for that to happen Brock Lesnar's salary has to be $3 million, per year.

This is the same amount as his last full-time contract with the WWE and he doesn't intend to decrease his payday no matter what happens. On that note, the source ran down (via the lucrative contracts that the 8-time world Champion has so far signed with the company.

- After a hiatus of eight long years, Brock Lesnar signed a three-match deal with WWE in 2012 during his return on Raw in April of that year. He performed at Extreme Rules 2012, SummerSlam 2012, and WrestleMania 29 in 2013 on a contract worth $5 million.
- WWE extended this contract for one more year, and a loss at the hands of The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 would've been the last for him in the company. But WWE wanted to retain him on TV and thus he ended up getting the biggest win in sports entertainment by pinning Taker at WrestleMania, putting an end to The Streak. So, WWE extended the deal for one more year.
- The multi-time Champion was supposed to leave after WrestleMania 31, but WWE signed him up again for the first long-term deal for 3 years spanning from WrestleMania 31 to 34, worth $9 million. Brock Lesnar's salary would be $3 million per year with an additional $100,000 paycheck for every House Show or non-televised shows he worked.
- Paul Heyman's client was scheduled to leave WWE after WrestleMania 34 in 2018, but he shocked the world to retain the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns in the main event of the grandest of the year.

- Lesnar was then under contract for an "image rights" deal, where WWE paid him $500,000, per year to use his image on T-Shirts, Video Games, and other merchandise. This deal remained intact up to WrestleMania to 36.

- As for his appearances on RAW, SmackDown, & House Shows, he got paid $100,000, per appearance while his salary was $500,000 for a Pay-Per-View appearance. In the case of Saudi Arabia events, he was handed $1 million, per match.

- After WrestleMania 36, Lesnar's image rights deal was temporarily extended as WWE intended to work with him at SummerSlam. But then he refused to work at the ThunderDome amid this coronavirus pandemic. WWE then terminated his image rights deal, offering him $125,000 from WrestleMania to SummerSlam, as a royalty paycheck.
- Lesnar's advocate Paul Heyman had signed new deals with WWE whenever his on-screen client signed new deals while getting paid $750,000, per year. Heyman was relieved of his duties after WrestleMania 36 but WWE feared that could be signed with AEW. So they quickly extended the $750,000 per year, talent deal as he now works as the manager of Roman Reigns.
- As mentioned above, Brock Lesnar could show up in the WWE in time for WrestleMania 37 season but he's demanding a $3 million, per annum contract to let this happen.

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