Britons Unleash Meme Fest to Cope With Another Strict Lockdown Imposed in UK Amid New Strain

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Coronavirus pandemic and the following lockdown that induced in the UK have become so prolonged in the country that netizens have started making memes on social media to describe their situation.

The first nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the deadly virus was imposed on March 23, 2020, in the UK. Since then, Britons have faced some of the strictest social distancing rules to curb the spread of the virus.

Last year, as news of vaccine approvals came, there was excitement among the Britons who eagerly waited for Christmas celebrations. However, cases of mutated coronavirus were reported in the UK which led the government to impose another series of lockdown across the country dampening the holiday season. Now, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a stricter lockdown. The measures come in the backdrop of growing pressure on the country's National Health Service (NHS), who are dealing with the new mutated coronavirus that is estimated to be 50-70% more infections. In the UK, the new coronavirus infections have crossed 50,000 per day, and daily deaths have gone to hundreds.

To deal with the current scenario, Britons have now taken to sarcasm, and witty memes to cope with the situation.

This user decided to take a dig at the examinations that are taking place despite the lockdowns that are in place in the country.

Some netizens wondered if PM Boris Johnson is copying the first minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon who announced the full lockdown a day earlier.

While this user showed how people might grow real old by the time things actually turn normal in the UK.

A researcher of medieval art history from the UK Daniel Kempf used some artwork to express how the lockdown is turning out for some people.

While for some it was Winnie the Pooh who perfectly described their lockdown situation.

According to the new lockdown, even those who have been vaccinated in the UK have to follow the rules. When it comes to outdoor socialising the British government has said that people are allowed to meet people who are from their household or bubble. They have been advised to stay two metres from anyone who is not in their household, reports the Guardian. Britons can go for outdoor exercise such as walking or running only with their household or bubble, or with just one person from another household. While all the sporting venues including pools, gyms, tennis courts, and golf courses remain shut except playgrounds. It is expected that the new measures will stay in place till February.