Britney Spears' Instagram birthday wish for boyfriend

Britney Spears' Instagram birthday wish for boyfriend

Britney Spears's Instagram birthday wish for boyfriend

Britney Spears' boyfriend has turned 23 and the star couldn't look more excited about the celebration. The 35-year-old singer took to her page and posted an adorable photo of the couple enjoying what looks like a hike, with the caption, 'My baby's birthday.'

The scenery behind them is beautiful, with deep green grass flowing across the fields and a majestic mountain sitting far back in the distance. Asghar, the Persian fitness model, in return posted a photo of the special cake from the  'Make Me' hit-maker that read 'Happy Birthday Hesam' and said Brit calls him by his real name.

The couple, who met each other on the sets of the singer's music video shoot, got public first time in November and Britney took Asghadi as a date in this year's Grammys.

Looks like the bars have been set really high for Emma Watson's potential wooer as the actress has revealed that her on-screen romance in the movie 'Beauty and the Beast' is her most romantic one.

The 26 year-old actress, while attending 'Beauty and the Beast's premiere, jokingly said, ' I was like, 'I am probably never in my life gonna have a more romantic moment than this! I'm peaking at 26! My most romantic moment! It's never gonna get better than this.' star also talked about the feeling she got after wearing iconic 'It was kind of nerve-wracking. That yellow dress is beloved in the imagination of girls all over the world you want it to be perfect,' she admitted.

Recently, the actress also made another Instagram account to showcase her eco-friendly dresses for 'Beauty and the Beast' press meets to promote sustainable fashion. On a related note, 'Beauty and the Beast' is scheduled to release on March 17, which stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.