Britney Spears flaunts her gymnastics skills with boyfriend Sam Asghari

Britney Spears who is known to flaunt her toned body recently showed off her gymnastic skills which left her fans awestruck. On Monday, the singer uploaded a video of herself and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, doing backyard gymnastics and stretching together. "It's been exactly a year today since I've done gymnastics .... lol," the 37-year-old star wrote. "Such a beautiful day to play outside and work up a sweat with the help of this mate!!!" The singer can be seen wearing a lime green sports bra and flannel shorts as she practices with the help of Asghari, who guides her during handstands and backhand springs, reported Fox News. "As you can see, my back is too stiff on my back walkovers !! He's trying to loosen me up and he's great!!! Such a fun day !!!!," Spears excitedly shared. "Flipping into my heart like," a happy Asghari commented on his girlfriend's post. Britney did planks and balanced on Asghari's feet as he was lying down on the grass. She then showed herself doing handstands and backflips as her 25-year-old boyfriend spotted her and helped her with her form.