British Woman Wants to Marry a 93-Year-Old Chandelier because the Heart Wants What it Wants

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Love is a mysterious thing and a British woman might have gone a step further in revealing that matters of the heart are best understood by the heart itself. Amanda Liberty from England’s Leeds was recently a guest at Channel 4’s daytime show Steph’s Packed Lunch where she revealed how she fell in love with a chandelier.

Amanda is in love with a 93-year-old German chandelier named ‘Lumiere’ and even plans to marry the inanimate object. The woman presented a new facet of love and opened up about having ‘objectophilia’, a condition in which a human being develops a feeling of love and romance towards inanimate objects. The story was first reported in 2019 and went viral.

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Speaking to host Steph McGovern, Amanda said that she does not view the chandelier as inanimate objects as most people do. She then went on to mention the term animism, which is more common in Japan. Explaining Animism, Amanda said that it is a concept where people sense energy from an object. For her, the chandelier is not just a sitting object, it has an energy a person can get to know and that is how she feels. Expressing her love for the object Amanda said that there is never a moment that she is not in love. Amanda’s love for the chandelier was not like a light-bulb moment but more like something that happened over time.

Further explaining her love for objects, Amanda said that she did not understand it for a long time but she always accepted herself even though she was grappling with the feeling of understanding it. The struggle to explain her condition still persists because there is no concrete explanation of her attraction towards objects.

Speaking to host Steph, Amanda also said that despite all the complexities involved she has accepted herself for who she is and this is why she came to the show because she wanted everybody else to just accept and be happy for who they are and embrace their so-called “weird” side as long as it makes them happy and content.

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