British pop legend being investigated for rape

Indo Asian News Service

London, April 18 (IANS) A British pop legend, whose name has not been disclosed, is reportedly being investigated for the rape of a 14-year-old girl.

As per a report in The Sun newspaper, the victim claims that the attack took place in the 1970s after the girl, who was a virgin back then, was picked out from the front row of a concert by the solo star's bodyguard and invited back to a hotel, reports

The woman says she was plied with champagne before the assault, that has "affected" her entire life.

The alleged victim, who describes herself as a "naive 14-year-old virgin" at the time, says she went to the concert with some friends after being given free tickets.

She said that she had never even "French-kissed" a boy at the time and that she couldn't understand the look on the star's face when he was "probably climaxing".

Police are reportedly looking into the claims and she met with detectives last week.

It's alleged that the woman and her friends were invited to the singer's hotel the following day by a bodyguard who had spotted them giggling near the stage.

The girls, 13 and 14 at the time, went along hoping to meet the pop star and get his autograph.

According to, The Sun reports that an aide separated the girls and the alleged victim was taken to a suite where a comedian, a female friend and a backing singer were relaxing when the star walked in wearing a short white robe.

She said: "Before I knew it, it was like an immobility had set in there and then. He had me down on the bed in one fell swoop.

"His gown was off. I was wearing a jumpsuit. He zipped it down and what had started as ­affectionate and safe, almost, was suddenly becoming painful and forceful, not comfortable."

The victim claims that what happened left her obsessed with the singer and unable to have normal relationships with men.

In 2013, she emailed her allegations to Scotland Yard, but as it happened overseas, it was out of their jurisidiction.

An official probe was reportedly opened by police in 2014, but dropped six months later.

However, it was disclosed last month that a new prosecutor and investigating officer had been assigned to the case, reports

A spokesman for the prosecution service told The Sun: "The case has been referred to police with a request for further investigation."