A British Museum Changed its Name on Twitter to Troll Elon Musk. Here's Why

While the rotund ram had already enjoyed its fare share of publicity back in 2018, it seems Musk had not had enough if it.

Flamboyant entrepreneur and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk often finds his way to that funny side of Twitter with his quirky, often weird, tweets and jokes. Musk, who usually does not shy away from jokes that are slightly "spacey" (ahem), has once again made a small splash on social media after he "revived" the "absolute unit" meme from 2018.

Musk, who last went viral for his weed-y appearance on Joe Roegan's podcast, an episode in which the space-entrepreneur smoked a complete doobie along with his host, recently took on the Museum of English Rural Life. And guess who made an appearance again? Musk's famous white ram.

If all oft his is a little confusing, here is some context:

In 2018, a meme called the "absolute unit" went viral in which persons of objects of unusual size were tagged and given the cryptic moniker. The meme soon evolved into a men's clothing related meme and came to men oversized clothes on men with smaller frames or large men. Like this one:

Not one to miss out on internet trends, however silly or niche they may be, Musk had at the time tweeted the photo of a giant, white ram and called it the "absolute unit". The joke had been much appreciated at the time.Here's the tweet from 2018:

While the rotund ram had already enjoyed its fare share of publicity back in 2018, it seems Musk had not had enough if it. And now, the SpaceX CEO seems to have brought it back in a seemingly random banter with the Museum of English Rural Life.

The incident occurred on April 17 after MIT Technology Review's Twitter handle shared an article about the "world's biggest aircraft" about to take flight. Taking a leaf out of yesteryear's meme-book, the handle referred to the aircraft as an "absolute unit".

It seems a mention of the meme, one that Musk himself had used to his benefit, was too much for Musk to leave alone. He instantly took the opportunity to introduce the Museum to his own "absolute unit" - the legendary ram.

Many who found Musk's tweet hilarious (really?) asked the entrepreneur to make the ram's photo his profile picture. and Musk did, almost instantaneously.

That's when the Museum, which seems to have had enough, jumped into the interaction. And boy, did they cast some serious shade on Musk.

Tweeting that "Two can play at this game", the Museum tagged Musk and posted the following thread:

The institution also changed its name on Twitter from the Museum of English Rural Life to "the Muskeum of Elongish Rural Life" in an apparent jibe at his name.

Not one to not appreaciate a good joke, Musk responded to the name change and said that he had "exchanged souls" with the museum.

But the Musum's handle has kept up a steady stream of tweets in its Musk avataar.

Well, looks like Musk has been trumped at his own game. So, CAN we send sheep to space now, Mr Musk?