British experts support PM Modi's move on Kashmir

British experts at the United Nations Human Rights Council supported Indian Government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's move to scrap Article 370. While speaking to ANI, David Vance, social and political thinker, UK said, "India is taking a very progressive step and into my mind helping people in J&K lead better lives and so I can't understand why anybody, anywhere who has good motivation will oppose them. I think Pakistan is fundamentally a failed state. I feel sorry for those minorities who have been persecuted from Pakistan. You need to be 'remedic', that is why I support Prime Minister Modi." "It seems to me the revoking of Article 370 is been a very positive thing in so many ways, and what's curious is that through the filter of our mainstream media we don't get to hear about the positives, so we don't get to hear about the fact women have more rights than ever before. I think Modi is being bold and brave," said Katie Hopkins, British media personality.