British Diplomat Stephen Ellison, 61, Jumps Into Swollen River to Save Drowning Woman in China's Zhongshan (Watch Video)

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Beijing, November 16: A video of a British diplomat saving the life of a Chinese woman has drawn millions of views over the internet. The clip was shot in the tourist town of Zhongshan, where UK Consul General Stephen Ellison jumped into a swollen river to save a drowning woman. Considering the diplomat's age, 61, netizens lauded his courage for taking the valiant step. UK Bans China's Huawei, All 5G Kit to Be Removed by 2027.

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Ellison is associated with the British mission in Chongqing, located close to Zhongshan. He was visiting the tourist destination over the weekend, where a bunch of students were also present. One among the female students fall into the river, and was apparently unable to swim her way out.

Ellison, as seen in the video shared below, could be seen jumping into the river immediately after spotting the drowning woman. He swam towards her, and dragged her towards the shore using a lifebuoy that was thrown by a good samaritan.

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Watch Video of British Diplomat Saving Life of Chinese Woman

"We are all immensely proud of our Chongqing Consul General, Stephen Ellison, who dived into a river on Saturday to rescue a drowning student and swim her to safety," said a statement issued by the British Mission in UK.

The Chinese media also lauded the bravery of the UK diplomat. Users of the country's primary social media application, Weibo, also hailed Ellison while keeping aside the recent bitterness in Sino-British relations.

Ties between the two countries had soared earlier this year, following the ban imposed by the UK on Chinese telecom giant Huawei from developing 5G network in the nation. The British government's frequent criticism of "human rights violation" in Xinjiang and Hong Kong further vitiated the relations.