British Costa Concordia passengers, crew suing ship's owners for damages

London, Jan. 6 (ANI): British passengers and crew who survived the Costa Concordia disaster are suing the ship's parent company for damages.

They are claiming thousands of pounds in compensation for the trauma they suffered after the cruise liner capsized when it struck rocks off the west coast of Italy in January 2012, leaving 32 people dead.

Nearly 24 British passengers and 12 crew were among more than 4,000 people on board who had to flee the vessel as it listed and then grounded just 300 metres from shore, the Telegraph reports.

Many had to jump from the sinking ship and swim to shore in freezing waters and complete darkness.

Some suffered physical injuries as they scrambled to safety while others have suffered psychological injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), nightmares and flashbacks.

According to the report, Costa Cruises, which operated the Concordia, initially offered survivors a 30 percent discount off on future cruises, which was dismissed as 'insulting'.

But within weeks the company increased its offer to 8,900 pounds. The proposed settlement included an agreement not to take further legal action against the company, the report added.

Some British passengers accepted the offer, but others rejected it. Many have now joined a class action in which they are seeking thousands of pounds in damages.

John Arthur Eaves Jr., an American lawyer representing more than 150 passengers from 10 countries, including Britain, believes Concordia is faced with multi-million pound compensation bill, the report added. (ANI)