Britain's longest serving umpire retires at 92 after insurers refuse to provide cover

London, Oct 25(ANI): Charles Fenton, who at 92 years is Britain's longest serving

umpire, has been forced to give up work after insurers refused to cover him due to his

advancing years.

Fenton spent 61 years presiding over cricket matches in the Derbyshire and Cheshire

cricket league.

"I really enjoyed it and I never missed a single match," the Telegraph quoted Fenton, as


"Once three ladies came to watch because they'd heard about how old I was and they

were asking me how I did it? How I stand there for all those hours? I just tell them

because cricket is fascinating game to watch," he added.

Fenton said his love of cricket began after he watched Lancashire and England play at

Old Trafford with his father during the 1940s.

"My mother and father could not afford bats and kits because we were quite poor when I

was young," Fenton said.

Fenton also disclosed the secrets behind being a successful umpire, saying: "The secret of

being a good umpire is that you don't try to be the boss, even though you are in charge,

don't try to be the boss."

"Try and be one of the team. I get a lot of respect, and never have problems with the

players. I'm so lucky," he added.

Next month, Fenton will be presented with an award from the league to mark the end of

his long service. (ANI)