Bride Refuses to Hire a Makeup Artist for Their Sexual Orientation

Nida Sayyed

On June 12, Kristian Cardenas, Texas-based makeup artists took to Facebook to post about an experience she had with a client, recently. Kristian was hired by a client for her wedding but she soon changed her mind for a petty reason. A homophobic woman turned down services from a lesbian makeup artist saying she doesn't want any gay on her weddings.

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The client asked Kristian if she was gay, to which Kristian replied “yes ma’am i am. I’m sorry, but what does that have to do with your wedding or my services?” to which the cliently replied, “she doesn't want a gay person on her wedding”. Kristian simply reverted with, “okay that’s totally fine, you have a nice day” handling the situation like a boss. But the lady did not stop. Bridal Eye-Makeup Ideas 2018: Take Inspiration from Sonakshi Sinha On How to Achieve Glamorous Looks This Wedding Season

Screenshots posted by Kristian Cardenas on her Facebook page

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She tried to educate Kristian about being Latina and gay and how it is a sin. The lady had the audacity to say she will pray for Kristian as she will go straight to hell because of “the path she’s chosen”. She went on to say she will hire Kristian if she decides to change her mind. Kristian posted the screenshots of their chat along with a caption that read,
“openly sharing who i am with the world is my choice; a choice i will never apologize for. i love what i do and who i am. today i was taken back a little bit, and i doubted if i wanted to continue doing hair and makeup; if this is response i am going to get for being who i am. homophobia is real, and with it being pride month i feel like the comments get worse. i’m sharing this today to say, please be kind to everyone. if someone doesn’t have the same views as you, opinions, or whatever it may be just respect them. don’t hate them for being different.” Celebrating 50 Years Of Pride: Google Doodle Commemorates the History of LGBTQ Community With a Riot of Colours

A talented, makeup artist was turned down for being gay. Are we living in the 50s? The woman has apologised to Kristian after the screenshots went viral. Kristian said "She apologized, but told me it was her wedding and her choice to choose who she wanted doing makeup and hair, and that her beliefs shouldn’t have hurt my feelings," she added, "I understand where she’s coming from. I just wish she would have been a little nicer about it."