Bride and Groom Swap Wedding Attire, and the Result Is Gorgeous

Not every silly idea conceived at 2:30 a.m. after a wedding is a good one. But after their wedding, when Jamie Fox’s new husband, David, decided to try on her wedding gown, and she, in turn, put on his suit, it turned out to be an excellent one. They thought they would look silly at best, but it turns out they looked downright Gigi-and-Zayn-level glamorous.

David wore a traditional suit and Jamie Fox a dress for their wedding, but they looked just as good when they swapped outfits later. (Photo: Jamie Mac Photography/Courtesy of Jamie Fox)

“He has a tendency to pop my clothes on at times, whether this is swimwear, underwear, dresses, etc. He does it to make people laugh at parties!!” Fox told Yahoo Style via email from their honeymoon in Greece. The couple from Seaham, County Durham, England, were having an after-party in their bridal suite after their reception at Lumley Castle. “My sister was like, ‘Jamie, you should put Foxy’s suit on, and I’ll get some pics.’ We seriously never thought it would blow up to be this big or that the picture would turn out so well!”

The wardrobe swap. (Photo: Courtesy of Jamie Fox)

Though David couldn’t exactly zip up Jamie’s lace sheath gown, designed by Maggie Sottero, Jamie was surprised by how well David’s suit fit her.

“Everyone joked I looked better in it than him, ha!” she said.

Though they’re laughing in some of the pics snapped during this clothing swap, they got serious for one photo that she posted to Facebook to much acclaim. Her friend Loren then posted it to Reddit, and they’ve received almost nothing but compliments — a rare feat on the site.

“To be honest, she rocks that tux,” one user wrote in the wedding subreddit.

“It looks like a scene from a Tarantino movie,” another wrote in the pics forum.

“They both look damn good,” said another.

“I think it really expresses that it doesn’t matter who you are or what gender, if you love each other, that’s all that matters.” (Photo: Courtesy of Jamie Fox)

No one is claiming, as Vogue recently apologized for doing, that dressing in nontraditional clothing is the same as being gender fluid or non-binary. Nor does a brief fashion statement speak for an entire community of people. But Jamie Fox says that seeing herself and her husband look so comfortable and happy in each other’s wedding attire does say something about their love for each other — and love in general.

“Looking at the picture now, I think it really expresses that it doesn’t matter who you are or what gender, if you love each other, that’s all that matters,” she said. “It turned out quite powerful, really, and pretty much sums up our relationship.”

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