Bride & Groom Arrested on Wedding Day for Breaking Coronavirus Lockdown Rules in South Africa; Video Goes Viral

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In yet another case of lockdown breach, a newlywed bride and groom had to go to jail on the same day they got married.  On their wedding, that they were having amid lockdown the police crashed their wedding to arrest them for breaking the lockdown rules.  The couple's identity has been hidden but as soon as they exchanged their vows the ceremony of 53 guests was broke in by the police who then arrested the couple from South Africa. The clip of the bride being arrested went viral but is now removed for security reasons. In the video, the groom, in his wedding suit, and the bride, in her wedding dress are being arrested and taken into the van. One of the concerned guests is said to have tipped the police. Image of Jesus Christ Crucifixion Appears on a Tree Making Colombians Gather Around It Breaking the Coronavirus Lockdown (Watch Video). 

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Police stormed the wedding brandishing guns and face masks as South Africa enters the second week of a nationwide coronavirus lockdown. Cops also arrested 53 wedding guests and the priest who conducted the ceremony on Sunday, April 5, as they drove home the need for quarantine. One guest said: "The police and soldiers were armed to the teeth and they stormed the tent where the wedding was taking place and arrested everyone. Police said the newlyweds spent "their honeymoon under stringent bail conditions”, as per The Sun. Sex Party Amid Coronavirus National Lockdown in Spain Busted by Police! Case Filed Against Swingers Having Orgy During COVID-19 Outbreak. 

However, it was later known that the two were released on bail of R1,000 (£44.58) but the video has already taken over social media. South Africa has seen 1,749 people infected, and 17 people have been killed in the pandemic. In the wake of this case, Nkandla mayor Thami Ntuli wants to "remind people of the importance of staying home."

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Mayor Ntuli said: "People should know that a national shutdown was not made for specific people, but for all of us. The aim behind it is to stop the spread of coronavirus This is meant to save lives and we need to stand behind our government irrespective of our political differences," as per The Sun.