#BrexitDay: Twitter’s Divided Between Disheartened and Excited

It is Brexit Day and people are already confused and wary of the repercussions. 

On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May will sign the official papers that will secede UK from the European Union. A letter will be hand-delivered from the PM’s office to European Council President Donald Tusk’s office, notifying them of the exit. UK will quit a 60-year-old bloc.

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The letter will put Section 50 into effect that will trigger Brexit.

The Twitterverse and the British have been contemplating the repercussions of the exit long before the PM put a date on it. Once Section 50 has set the ball rolling, it will take years of work to officially take the UK out of EU.

Here are some reactions to #BrexitDay:

Those in Denial

The Memed Exit

The Big Supporters