Breitbart Editor-In-Chief: The American People Should Trust Us

Alex Marlow, the 31-year-old Editor and Chief of Breitbart said that his news site was ‘admittedly right-of-centre’.

Breitbart’s newest editor-in-chief, 31-year-old Alex Marlow, claims that the American people should trust Breitbart above mainstream media and the government.

In an interview with NBC’s Stephanie Gosk, Marlow said that his company was being unfairly criticised by the mainstream media, owing to their extensive and almost wholly positive coverage of President Donald Trump’s campaign.

When asked if they would ever criticise the president, Marlow said:

When we feel like the president is not honouring the pledges he made, he will get critical coverage.

Breitbart has often been criticised for passing-off opinion as news, blurring the lines between both. Marlow said that the news site differed from others, because they are “admittedly right-of-centre” adding they are a “populist, nationalist, grassroots conservative website”.

(With inputs from NBC)