Right To Breathe|Delhiites, Don't Crib! You Deserve Toxic Smog

Even if our nose/throat remain chocked, lungs continue deteriorate, we won't stop calling bursting crackers a ritual.

It's 'the' day after Diwali. 'The' day most of us have been waiting for with a bated breath. Because we all felt there would an evident change that we'd not just laud, but also continue with forever.

Unfortunately, things remain unchanged. Delhi's air quality today was fouler than last year which recorded an air quality index of 319 falling in the poor category. Why didn't residents of Delhi-NCR abide by the rules laid down by the Supreme Court? Kyunki hum Dilli-NCR walon ki toh aadat hai rules flout karne ki!

Unfortunately, it isn't the air pollution, but also the toxic garbage that we have created overnight which is a matter of concern for us. The corporation workers had to reportedly clear up 900 tonnes of waste in a single day.

From CP to Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, heaps of burnt crackers, empty boxes, wrappers could be seen almost everywhere. Would we litter our house the same way? We spend hours to keep our house spic and span because we believe Goddess Lakshmi will bless us. But our mindset is such that we think it is right to throw everything we want to discard on the roads in the name of celebration.

What do we make of this? That we are rude, unruly, and love to flaunt bad attitude! We feel a sense of achievement in wearing an attitude that is pointlessly scornful towards law and order and has little regard for others. Even though our lungs continue to die and nose/throat remain chocked, we won't stop calling bursting crackers a ritual. What's the point of tweeting about your angst when you can't stop your friends, family members and neighbours from flouting rules? With such a contemptuous attitude, we definitely don't have the right to complain about the thick haze that has engulfed the national capital and adjoining regions. We definitely don't have the right to grumble because the air quality has turned 'hazardous' and crossed all levels of insanity at several places in Delhi/NCR.

Delhi-NCR sach mei, hum se na ho payega!

Not until we seriously think of attitude makeover!