Breakfast Babble: BBB: Lead Actor Trying To Break Away From Domesticity Rules Laid Out For Women And How

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The Netflix show Bhaag Beanie Bhaag features Swara Bhasker who plays the titular character of Beanie who ditches a comfortable but boring life and gives up a four-bedroom house with a dishwasher to pursue her passion for stand-up comedy.

The storylines go something like this, Bindiya Bhatnagar (Swara Bhasker) calls off her engagement with her fiancé (Varun Thakur) and decides to pursue stand-up comedy seriously. To which her parents (Girish Kulkarni and Mona Ambegaonkar) are quite surprised and perplexed.

Beanie is someone who discovers her calling of her passion in life and takes a dive at it. She’s a woman who dreamt of telling a thousand jokes when she was young but gave her dream up to the fact that – ‘Jab family samosa vale ho toh salsa ke sapne nahin dekhne chahiye’.

However, don’t let that put you off. It’s uneven, flawed and occasionally lame. But the good bits are very good, mainly when Beanie does her thing: being funny and a woman, at the same time. Who knew?

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A Dash Of Zing:

The moments that focus on her dilemma of not wanting to destroy her parents’ expectations and her wish to call to follow her passion, at the same time, is what makes the show sharper and gives it a dash of zing.

As it emphasises the journey of leading women trying to take the stage while attempting to free themselves from the shackles of marriage and domesticity already laid out for them by society.

Like, when at a wedding, Beanie tries to sum up how parents shove all their expectations and dreams on their children and what it took for her to realize things clearly in a monologue.

That is how she visualises her next 50 years of her life and that no one ever bothered to listen to her or even tried to understand her.

And that’s the ingredient which set this show apart from the others, making it a rather breezy watch. Its central character, Swara Bhasker is genuinely terrific as Beanie.

Especially when she cautiously tries to break the news to her fiancé that she is serious about stand-up as a profession. Or when she finishes her ‘career-best’ performance and misses her parents.

She’s completely natural and plays the often confused, clumsy yet sincere Beanie quite beautifully.

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