Brazilians mock Mick Jagger for his World Cup predictions

Yashvanth Ram
25 June 2014

A supporter holds a placard urging Rolling Stone singer Mick Jagger to support Holland during the Group D football match between Costa Rica and England at the World Cup.

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Rolling Stones’ singer Mick Jagger got it all wrong yet again as his pick Italy crashed out of the tournament after a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Uruguay.

Jagger’s ‘pe-frio’ – which means bad luck, is a common phrase in Brazil indicating the misfortune that he brings to the team he cheers for. It has become the hot topic again as Brazilians blame Jagger for predicting an Italy win over Uruguay. 

At a concert in Rome on Saturday, Jagger predicted in front of at least 60,000 Italians that Italy would defeat Uruguay to qualify for the next round. Unfortunately, the Azzuris lost to Uruguay and will head home early.

Hence, the Brazilians have again started blaming Jagger for bringing bad luck to Italy. This is not the first instance where Jagger’s team is in the receiving end.

In fact, this ‘Jagger jinx’ started among the Brazilians when Mick cheered for Brazil against Netherlands during the 2010 World Cup where Brazil was knocked out by the Dutch handing them a 2-1 defeat.

Earlier in the same tournament, he was seen with Bill Clinton in the stands cheering for USA, who eventually lost against Ghana and headed out of the tournament. Again, a day later, he was supporting his nation England and they were thrashed 4-1 by Germany.

No, it did not end here. Jagger again showed his football insights when he tweeted on June 19 supporting England. He tweeted: “Let's go England! This is the one to win!!,". Again, England lost.

Now after his Italian disaster, Brazil fans just wish Jagger would keep his mouth shut without supporting any team, not at least Brazil. 

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