Brazilian President's Warning About Covid Vaccines Has a Hilarious Side-effect: Crocodile Memes

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As the world anxiously queues up to get a jab against the deadly coronavirus infection, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro wants his citizens to know that they will be responsible for any mishap that could follow after they get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Speaking at a public event in Porto Seguro in Brazil, Bolsonaro asserted that he will not be needing the Covid-19 vaccine since he has already contracted coronavirus earlier this year.

He also cautioned his country folks that his government wouldn't be responsible if the citizens turned into "crocodiles" and "bearded ladies" as a side-effect to the vaccination.

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The video of his bizarre speech, which has now gone insanely viral on social media, was shared on Twitter by journalist Samuel Pancher.

Bolsonaro's unfounded claim regarding the COVID-19 vaccine was instantly scoffed of by users on Twitter who said they preferred turning into a reptile rather than losing their life to the infection. And then there were memes.

Earlier this month, Reuters reported that Brazil was eyeing a deal with Pfizer for delivery of 70 million jabs for its people. However, Reuters also reported that Pfizer was encountering difficulty in registering its COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use in Brazil due to the level of detail required by the regulator, according to Brazilian Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello.

This is not the first time Bolsonaro has spoken against Covid-19 vaccination in public. In November this year, reports quoted him saying that he won't take the coronavirus vaccine and he has every right to refuse it if he wants.