Brazilian Dog Falls Off Balcony After New Year’s Eve Firecrackers Scare Her; Caught in Bedsheet Buzz Desk
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Brazilian Dog Falls Off Balcony After New Year’s Eve Firecrackers Scare Her; Caught in Bedsheet

The video will send chills down your spine

As beautiful as the fireworks on New Year’s Eve may look, the fact remains that it scares the wits out of birds and animals. Pets often end up barking loudly or being restless when the loud sounds of crackers pierce through the silence of the night. And sometimes, it ends up endangering their lives. Consider what happened to a Brazilian dog recently. The fireworks on December 31, 2017 scared the pooch so much that it dashed to the balcony. It probably slips and the next moment, the brown and cream Lhasa Apso finds itself clinging to the balcony railing, afraid of falling down any moment from the third-floor balcony. In a desperate attempt to save it, four people gathered on the ground floor with a bedsheet in their hand, ready to catch it when it falls. 

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The incident occurred on the New Year’s Eve at Parque Amazonia, Goiania in central-west Brazil. Before the pooch could lose its grip and fall, the quick-thinking residents rushed downstairs to save the pet with the help of a bedsheet. When the pet falls down, it lands safely on the sheet and is greeted with a loud cheer. A woman then lifts the pet up and comforts it. The owner of the pet, Jean Siqueira, wasn’t at home on Sunday when the incident happened. Jean said that his pet had been scared by fireworks and tried to escape by running onto the balcony.

Watch the video of the dog falling here:

In an article published in Mail Online, the owner states that he has just stepped out to the grocery store and left his pet, Tina, alone for a few minutes. However, he added that the pet had been nervous all day due to the noise of rockets being let off by people. The video of the incident was shot by neighbours, which shows the pet struggling desperately to get back into the balcony after it slipped through a gap in the railings. Residents who saved the pet say that the dog’s heart “was pounding like mad when she landed in the safety net, and I held her in my lap and hugged her to calm her down.’ The owner adds that by the time he reached home, the neighbours had already saved his pet. He also urges people to be more considerate while letting fireworks off with pets around.