Was a Brazil Priest Really Pushed Off Stage for Saying 'Fat Women Can't Go to Heaven'?

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Turns out, the viral video has more to it than meets the eye.

A priest in Brazil was indeed pushed off the stage during a public mass but not for his remarks against “fat women,” as claimed in a viral video. The incident took place on July 14, when Padre Marcelo Rossi was delivering a sermon to a crowd of about 50,000 people at a youth retreat in Cachoeira Paulista, according to The Independent UK.

Rossi's speech was cut from the live-stream but a short clip showing him being shoved off the stage by a woman went viral on social media after it was shared by a Twitter user called 'Figen' who claimed that the priest had said that “fat women cannot go to heaven.”

Fact-checking website Snopes has already debunked the claim, reporting that the quote attributed to Padre Marcelo Rossi in the viral clip was false. According to the Snopes report, what Rossi said can loosely be translated to: “These hands no more belong to me. The sinner is weak, but these hands belong to both the priest and in the person of Christ to serve you well.”

It is not yet clear why the 32-year-old woman had attacked the priest. The woman who was briefly detained and released by the police is suffering from some mental health issues, according to her friends quoted by Brazilian media outlets.

The woman has reportedly said that the attack was an incident "between him and me." In a video, Rossi, who said he was unharmed and would not be pressing charges. “I’m fine. Rest assured, just a couple of pains, you did not break anything,” he said.

The Grammy-nominated Latin singer is often called as a “pop-star priest” and has reportedly sold millions of musical records in Brazil.