Brazil patient reported cured of HIV, but scientists urge caution based on unusual finding

The New York Times

A 36-year-old man in Brazil may be the first to experience long-term remission from HIV after treatment with only a specially designed combination of antiviral drugs, researchers said Tuesday.

Just two people have been confirmed cured of HIV so far, both after risky treatments involving bone-marrow transplants for their cancers.

The Brazilian patient, who was not identified, has not shown signs of lingering HIV infection in blood tests that detect the virus, according to investigators at the Federal University of Sao Paulo, a prestigious research institution. He also does not seem to have detectable antibodies to the virus.

"Although still an isolated case, this might represent the first long-term HIV remission" without a bone-marrow transplant, the scientists said. They presented the results at AIDS 2020, an annual medical conference held virtually this week because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But outside experts greeted the report with skepticism.

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