Braving societal odds, transgender Yazhini Moorthy wins beauty pageant

Madurai (Tamil Nadu) [India] Dec 18 (ANI): The transgender community is raising their voice to live in a society where their choice is not questioned. Some improvement is there, but the hardship still continues.

Yazhini Moorthy, who bagged the third position in Miss Tarnsqueen beauty pageant, finds it difficult to find sponsorship for an international competition.

The Indian beauty pageant for the transgender people conducted last month in the national capital that saw Yazhini Moorthy, who is currently residing in Chennai, as the second runner up.

Yazhini wishes to take the competition further and wants to represent India on the international platform. However, her identity is making it difficult to find a sponsor to fund for her international competitions.

Talking to ANI, she said: "Having a sponsor for such international competitions are very important. It will be nice if I get sponsorship. Now I'm using all my earnings for the program."

She adds: "Even a Miss India completion will demand an amount of Rs 8-9 lakhs. So going for an international competition without a sponsor is quite a matter of tension."

The indifferent behaviour of society is what led Yazhini to challenge herself and pushed her to participate in many such beauty pageants, which won her some crowns.

She added "Being in a society with such a thought, I had to prove to them that I'm different. I'm unique. For that, I participated in various beauty pageants."

Yazhini, who is getting prepared for her next international competition, won the title of Miss Tamil Nadu 2017, Miss Chennai 2018. (ANI)