Brave Soldier Defies Death and Kills Two Terrorists in Srinagar

Gunner Rishi Kumar stopped the advancing terrorists from penetrating deeper into the camp.

It was the exceptional bravery of a jawan that stopped three terrorists who stormed the army camp in Kupwara on Thursday, from causing further damage.

Gunner Rishi Kumar, on sentry duty, stopped the advancing terrorists from penetrating deeper into the camp which is located about 100 kms from Srinagar.

He killed two terrorists and was injured by the third one who fled, a defence spokesman said.

During the gunfight, Captain Ayush Yadav and two soldiers were killed while five others were injured.

Gunner Rishi Kumar was on sentry duty when the fire fight (with militants) started. He observed the terrorists approach and waited for them to come within close range. He then engaged them and was hit on his head but was saved by bullet proof patka.

However, the whiplash of the impact caused the soldier to fall down, he said.

"He immediately recovered and fired back to kill the two terrorists. Running out of ammunition, he moved out of his bunker and tried to pick the weapon of the slain terrorists to engage the third, who fired and injured him, thus managing to escape," the spokesman said.

"During the incident, Rishi Kumar has shown the indomitable spirit of Indian soldier," he added.

Interacting with media persons from his hospital bed here, Kumar said, “When I saw the terrorists approaching me while firing, I took position, fired at them and killed two terrorists.”

Kumar, who hails from Ara in Bihar, has eight years of service in the army.