Braun Strowman: What fuels the WWE strongman? Diet and workout routine

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Braun Strowman is everywhere, causing destruction and havoc. After flipping an ambulance in the WWE Raw backstage to inflict the biggest of damage on Roman Reigns, Strowman not only prevailed over the veteran Big Show on Monday April 17, but also was the reason behind collapsing the entire WWE ring.

The moment did bring about memories from the Big Show vs Brock Lesnar match in the WWE more than a decade back. That was the famous WWE Attitude Era, wasn't it. 

Well, WWE fans are sick and tired of the PG Era at the moment, to be honest. But when we see more backstage segments taking place on Raw and SmackDown these days and Strowman getting involved in wreaking havoc to other WWE superstars, we can't but help feel that WWE are indeed trying their best to bridge the gap between the Attitude Era and the PG Era.

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But who is Braun Strowman? Suddenly one of the top attractions in the WWE...bringing back memories of the monster Kane in his prime. 

Here's all you want to know about Strowman

Real name: Adam Scherr

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Born: September 1983 in North Carolina, United States

Billed height: 2.03 m

Billed weight: 175 kg

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Signed with the WWE: May 2013

WWE Raw debut: August 2015 (as a part of The Wyatt Family)

Major Strongman competition records:

1st: NAS US Amateur National Championships 2011

1st: Arnold Amateur Strongman Championships 2012

10th: Arnold Strongman Classic 2013

Braun Strowman's diet

In the Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast last year, Strowman mentioned that his total intake is approx. 12-13,000 calories a day. Excerpts:

"I eat a lot of Chipotle. That is my guilty pleasure when it comes to food. I guess they advertise that they are organic, and the price isn't too bad for how much I have to eat, and I usually eat with them 3­5 times a week whenever I am out doing that.

"It gets tough, when late at night there isn't a whole lot of options, so I mean it's loading up, whenever I go into a town, first place I go to is a vitamin shop and go straight loading up on protein bars and protein cookies and snacks like that so I don't have to be a fat pig and eat whatever at a gas station around 2 o'clock in the morning whenever I'm making it into towns."

Braun Strowman's workout

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