A Braless Chrissy Teigen Just Clapped Back at Instagram Trolls Telling Her She Needs One

Kate Dwyer
A Braless Chrissy Teigen Just Clapped Back at Instagram Trolls Telling Her She Needs One
Photo credit: Instagram / Chrissy Teigen

From Good Housekeeping

  • Chrissy Teigen clapped back at Instagram trolls who criticized her for not wearing a bra in a recent picture.
  • She jokingly told the haters, "Allow me to save you from my titties."
  • Chrissy then posted a video of herself going down a slide, keeping her boobs from popping out.

Amid a busy shooting schedule and product launches, Chrissy Teigen always makes time for having fun with her family. Earlier this week, the Bring the Funny judge posted a photo of herself while visiting a toy store with husband John Legend and their kids, Luna and Miles. In the photo, she wears a blousy burgundy jumpsuit, a braided Jennifer Behr headband, and sandals. (It's a great outfit, honestly.) But the jumpsuit's plunge was a little too deep for some of Chrissy's Instagram followers, leading to what might be one of her greatest clapbacks ever.

"what do you think I’m looking at," she captioned the photo. "A bra 🤣" one follower responded, with the comment receiving more than 2,500 likes.

"A bra, girl get you one!" another fan commented on the post. That one got 1,100 likes, prompting Chrissy to clap back with an equally sick and hilarious burn. "Allow me to save you from my titties," she jokingly wrote.

Some fans also came to the model's defense, with one saying, "Women should be able to go braless without people making comments. Maybe we’d all be wearing less bras if people weren’t so flippin judgmental."

In true Chrissy fashion, she seems totally unbothered by the haters. Less than a day after posting the original pic, she posted a video of herself sliding down a slide into a ball pit at the toy store, grabbing her breasts to keep them from popping out.

Her husband, John Legend, can be heard laughing in the video, captioned "whoopsie daisy." Trolling the trolls or not, Chrissy knows how not to take things too seriously.

Oh, and as for what she was looking at in that original post, the answer was Polly Pockets.

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