Brace Yourself, Game of Thrones Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 Memes are Coming!

Surabhi Redkar
This has been a big week, what with the Game Of Thrones finale releasing on Monday and the big Lok Sabha Elections 2019 results making their way today. Mix up the two and you will find some of the best memes on social media today!

It has been a big day for India given that the results for Lok Sabha Elections 2019 have been announced today. From 6 AM this morning, (May 23), the counting began and for those who have been following the popular series Game Of Thrones, today's Thursday morning was similar to this week's Monday (May 20) where we took an early start to find out who takes the coveted 'Iron Throne'. Will it be the Targaryens or will it be the Starks? Sounding similar to the BJP vs Congress fight at the General Elections 2019?

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Well, as the results of the elections are still being collated, there's no denying that BJP has taken a clean sweep with a massive majority and now we can see Game Of Thrones fans drawing similarities between the GOT finale and the election results in the most hilarious manner. Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Results: Varun Dhawan, Abhishek Bachchan, Rajinikanth Congratulate Narendra Modi for His Colossal Win Already!

Thank social media for the birth of the 'meme culture' and well, unlike Vivek Oberoi, if you are careful enough, you will come across memes which are actually 'creative' without having to malign or make jokes at the expense of someone. The combination of GOT finale and Election results has currently become a huge craze on Twitter. In fact, for those who are not well versed with the election results and find the numbers confusing, these GOT memes are here for your rescue to make you understand, who's winning and who's losing. Game of Thrones 8 Airs Finale Episode! Twitter Reacts With Memes and Jokes – Here Are the Best Ones.

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Here's looking at some of the memes on the Election results 2019:

The fate of the 'Aunt' and 'Three-Eyed-Raven' in Indian elections:

Any candidates to take the PM throne?

The South Remembers:

When Modi became Bran:

Lannisters and Gandhis don't get a happy ending:

Modi to Rahul Gandhi after winning the elections:

Congress looking at their numbers:

The actual 'Game of Thrones' in India:

PM Modi fulfils his prophecy:

South after their performance in Lok Sabha Elections 2019:

We bet if you had any confusion about the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 results, these GOT memes have been helpful in making you understand Indian politics. If you come across more such creative memes on the General Elections 2019 results, do tag us on Twitter @Laetestly!