Brace for hike in milk prices from today

Mumbai: The milk of human kindness is likely to run dry from the beginning of the new work week, as the price of another kitchen staple has gone up. People are already reeling under the burden of soaring onion prices, now they must budget for a rise in milk prices, starting from Sunday. Local milk suppliers are acutely aware of the situation and are distressed by the decision to hike prices, as it will affect their business and their bonds with regular customers.

Balu Servai, who has been running his father's milk business for the last 15 years in Abhyudaya Nagar, Kalachowkie, said he was taken by surprise to learn that prices are going to increase from December 15. "Such actions by companies and governments affect our business. Every day, I take a limited stock of milk to sell and this sudden rise in prices will impact sales. I only find out about the increase a day before implementation, and every time, prices are suddenly increased,” he said.

Servai said, as soon as they found out on Saturday morning, they shared the information with their regular customers. “I sent a WhatsApp message to all my regular customers that the price of Gokul special would increased by Rs 2. It will now cost Rs 57 a litre from December 15. This is so that the customer does not think I have increased the price,” he added.

Gulabdevi Mishra, a resident of Kalachowkie, said, the price of Gokul milk is already high, as compared to other brands and once again, it has gone up and she is considering whether or not to continue buying this brand. “As it is, we are dealing with the hike in the price of onions. Now, we must worry about milk prices too. How is a middle-class family to cope with such sudden price hikes of essentials. Doesn't the government want citizens to consume healthy foods?” she asked.

CK Singh, a member of the Aarey Milk Producers' Association and committee

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