#BoycottVistara Trends After Airline Posts Picture of Controversial Ex Army General, Then Deletes It

Why is #BoycottVistara trending on the news and all over your Twitter timeline today?

India Airlines are not having a good time. Soon after the news of shutting down of cash strapped Jet Airways, #BoycottVistara has been trending on Twitter for the last 24 hours.

Why has it been trending? Air Vistara posted a picture on Twitter that drew flak from desi Netizens.

In a tweet, the airlines had posted a photo with Major General (retired) G.D. Bakshi. Captioned that the airline was “honoured” to have Bakshi on the flight, “a decorated Kargil war hero”, the picture showed two airline staff posing with the Major General. “Thank you Sir, for your service to the nation,” it further read.

However, this tweet garnered attention - for all the wrong reasons. Netizens started responding to the tweet with several controversial statements that Bakshi had made in the past.

Vistara, then, deleted the photo.

Vistara then published a statement explaining why it took down the photo.

Statement from Vistara pic.twitter.com/KJ935w2sfQ

— Vistara (@airvistara) April 21, 2019

This, further triggered a different section of Netizens, who blamed the airlines for caving under pressure and pandering to the trolls by ultimately deleting the tweet. People started trending #BoycottVistara to emphasize their point and called for the tweet to be re-posted as deleting it was an 'insult to military forces.'

Dear @airvistara, you post such a wonderful photo with Army veteran GD Bakshi, and then go on to insult India’s forces by deleting it at the behest of intolerant sods.

You don’t deserve the nation’s patronage. Please don’t fly Vistara until it restores that post. #BoycottVistara pic.twitter.com/ingqsBUOBj

— Abhijit Majumder (@abhijitmajumder) April 21, 2019

Honouring Major General GD Bakshi was disrespectful?? SPINELESS of you to bow down to a handful of biased out of work journos. In fact deleting that tweet is highest disrespect towards thousands of Indians, Army Veterans and Indian Army #BoycottVistara #AirVistara

— Rosy (@rose_k01) April 21, 2019

General GD Bakshi is a Kargil War Hero Veteran@airvistara is an anti national airlines for having insulted him!

He is recipient of prestigious awards like Vishisht Seva Medal & Sena Medal Insult to him is Insult to India & our army@adgpi must take cognizance!#BoycottVistara pic.twitter.com/5COwWoLOqn

— Ritu (सत्यसाधक) (@RituRathaur) April 21, 2019

. @airvistara deleted Honourable @adgpi Officer General GD Bakshi Pic after Anti Army Gang Pressure. I will never travel on Air Vistara till thn they tweet Pic again & apologies , RT if you will #BoycottVistara pic.twitter.com/rbyAvgEIDn

— Chowkidar Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga (@TajinderBagga) April 21, 2019

Hi @airvistara I was planning to book your 7.15am flight from Delhi to Chennai but now opting for any other airlines available. Won't travel in an airline who fails to respect army veterans. Such a cowardly act by deleting Major GD Bakshi's pic. @TajinderBagga #BoycottVistara

— Arunava Das (@Mr_Noblebanter) April 21, 2019

Cancelling all my all itinerary with @airvistara as they deleted tweet honoured @GeneralBakshi

A war Hero due to anti army gang pressure. #BoycottVistara pic.twitter.com/IIJSFZ6Bn4

— Chowkidar Dr.Jay (@Jthakars) April 21, 2019

People took this campaign beyond Twitter, and decided to continue the boycott on the app store as well. People soon started leaving negative reviews for Vistara on the app.

Thank you everyone for #BoycottVistara campaign. Keep going! pic.twitter.com/oNNcsoa9bH

— Chowkidar #KP4Modi (@KoshurRohit) April 21, 2019

There's an old saying, 'You can't please everybody.' A great example of this was probably realized by Air Vistara yesterday, when both keeping and deleting the photo won it flak from Indians.