#BoycottSnapchat trends in India, but users are mistakenly uninstalling Snapdeal!

Suparno Sarkar
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Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel has been under much criticism after he reportedly said that he does not wish to expand its operations in India, as India is a "poor country".

This statement by the Snapchat CEO left Indian users offended, and many of them have been boycotting the app as a mark of protest.

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As soon as news of Evan's controversial comment made the headlines, hashtag #BoycottSnapchat started trending on Twitter. Indian users of Snapchat have been uninstalling the app, and also putting low ratings and negative reviews on app stores.

However, online shopping site Snapdeal has been caught in the crossfire and is now being victimised with users hurling abuse at the company and uninstalling their app. Why? Because they've confused Snapdeal with Snapchat.

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This came to light after a number of screenshots of people slamming Snapdeal CEO and boycotting the app appeared on social media. Well, not only is this unfortunate for the owners of Snapdeal, but doesn't speak very highly of Indian app users either, if they can't differentiate between an e-commerce site and a social media app.

It was reported that in 2015, the Snapchat CEO said in a meeting that his app was only for rich people and he would not expand his business in poor countries like India.

"This app is for rich people. I don't want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain," he was quoted as saying by Variety.

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