#BoycottAmazon: Twitter users accuse company of selling toilet mats, rugs with photos of Ganesha

Amazon, the e-commerce giant that nearly everyone knows, is yet again facing flak from customers.

The hashtag 'BoycottAmazon' trended on Twitter after netizens spotted 'Hinduism-themed' toilet mats and rugs.

One of the first to spot and share this was a Twitter handle called 'HinduJagrutiOrg'. Many others on social media have since shared the pictures shared by the handle.

It must be added that these items seem to have been removed from the online marketplace. This publication was unable to find the products in question when perusing Amazon listings.

The posts, of bath mats and toilet seat covers and so on that are purportedly being sold by Amazon have since been picked up my other social media users.

Naturally, the hashtag's usage has since deviated. now, one can find grievances that range from receiving a sheet of wood instead of the TV that was ordered, to a critique of the Bezos owned Washington Post.

Take a look at some of the posts:

This is however not the first strange product that amazon has sold.

Remember the time the internet was outraged over the fact that an Amazon vendor was selling 'blood powder' to fake virginity?

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Even as social media users sound the clarion call for Amazon's boycott, interestingly enough, many small and medium-sized enterprises are reportedly boycotting Jeff Bezos.

According to a Reuters report, Bezos is expected to participate in an Amazon event in New Delhi aimed at connecting with MSMEs. While details are not known, and neither Amazon not the government confirmed the same to Reuters, the Confederation of All India Traders reportedly plans to said it will protest across 300 cities during Bezos’ stay in the country.

The Confederation incidentally represents roughly 70 million brick-and-mortar retailers.