Boycott Baahubali 2 says Bigg Boss Kannada 4 contestant Kirik Keerthi Over Kattappa Sathyaraj's comments against Kannadigas

Prakash Upadhyaya
Kirik Keerthi

The call for the ban on Baahubali 2 is silently strengthening in Karnataka. An old hate speech against Karnataka by Sathyaraj, who is playing Katappa in SS Rajamouli's film, has come back to haunt the actor. Now, the movement has gained momentum with Bigg Boss 4 Kannada contestant and social activist Kirik Keerthi sounding off his protests.

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Kirk Keerthi has come out with a YouTube video requesting people to boycott Baahubali 2 until Sathyaraj apologises to Kannadigas. Speaking to International Business Times, India he said, "I am not asking for a ban and legally it might not be possible. So, it is for them to decide whether cinema is important or our self-respect. Sathyaraj's comments on Dr Rajkumar or Vatal Nagraj remain unacceptable. I want him to come here and apologise or at the least give a convincing clarification on his statement against us,"

On asking why he is targeting the movie now when he would have tried to stop the release during his earlier movies, "We should hit where it hurts the most. Had I attempted earlier I am sure we would not have been successful. Now, the stakes are higher and I am sure the makers of Baahubali understand how much the Karnataka market is important for them. So, let them ask him to come here and give an apology," Keerthi said. [Watch Keerthi's Video Call to Kannadigas below]

He said he has shared the YouTube video with SS Rajamouli with the hopes that he will address the issue soon.

What's in the video?
Sathyaraj, during a protest against Karnataka over Cauvery dispute, had slammed Vatal Nagaraj and apparently mocked Kannadigas. The issue became a matter of pride for Kannada groups after the clip surfaced online. It may be recalled that the trailer of the film was not allowed to screen in a theatre in Bellary.

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