Boy kisses girl as Obama sits for group photo in Florida school

Melbourne, October 25 (ANI): For most students at Daughter of Zion Junior Academy in Florida, Barack Obama was understandably the most interesting thing in the room as he sat down to pose for a surprise group photo, but for a boy in the back row it seemed to be the girl who sat next to him.

The boy was snapped enthusiastically kissing his neighbour on the cheek, with his hands clasped affectionately around her neck and face, the Age reported.

The picture, which was posted on the President's Twitter account as "photo of the day", has been re-tweeted nearly 2000 times and "favourited" by over 1000 people.

According to US Yahoo! blog The Sideshow, the students had lined up to wave as his motorcade passed their school, but the President decided to make an unscheduled stop. (ANI)