Boxer Aamir Khan draws flak for his ‘match-fixing’ remark on Pakistan Cricket team

The boxer said that Pakistan winnability depends upon ‘match-fixing’. (Source: Twitter)

Aamir Khan, a Pakistan born British boxer created stir when he said that Pakistan winnability in the world cup depends upon ‘match-fixing’. Though it was a slip of tongue, cricket fans on the social media pulled his legs.

In a video posted on May 2 by twitter handle @Saj_PakPassion, the boxer could be seen saying, "Pakistan chances, I think like any other team in the world cup, I think they have a great chance. It just depends on the draw, depends on the match-fixing, on the matches how they fix the game. I just feel that with the cricket its a very different sport, if you are starting very bad, it’s very hard to get your points back. So what Pakistan has to do in my opinion is to start very strong early."

The video on Twitter has got numerous reactions from users. A user commented, "When a person doesn’t know about cricket and no idea what to say that’s stupidity to take expert opinion no matter who is in front."

Another Twitter user replied "Spilling out the beans lol".

Another Twitter user taking a pot shot at the video replied. "His interview skills are shocking"